AirFibr technology: the latest generation of hybrid sports turf. The AirFibr technology is made of 100% natural turf anchored in an artificial rootzone. This technology is specifically designed for stadium and training pitches for top level football and rugby.


100% natural turf

Gazon 100% naturel

Playing comfort of natural turf

Natural turf is the favorite playing surface of profesionnal players. Thanks to constant growth of natural grass, the playing comfort is always renewed.

Resistance to wrenching

The natural grass roots are intertwined with the millions of microfibers of the AirFibr rootzone, thus proving an exceptional resistance to wrenching.


Granulated natural cork

Granule de liège

Optimal softness

When the player hits the surface, the cork is compressed by expulsing the air it contains, allowing the surface to absorb the shock. The quantity of granulated cork has been scientifically calculated with an automated plant in order to provide a shock absorption suited to the needs of professional sports.

Unlimited shape memory

Cork has an unlimited ability to re-load itself with air. After compression, cork gets immediately reloaded with air, and the playing surface takes back its initial shape. This way, playing surfaces using the AirFibr technology have a real shape memory.

Thermal insulation

Thanks to its thermal conductivity of only 0.05W.m-1.K-1,the cork is a highly insulating material. The granulated cork of AirFibr consequently increases the resistance of turf to thermal shocks.


Synthetic microfibers

Microfibres synthétiques

All-weather resistance

Chosen for their unique properties, microfibers are integrated in the rootzone with a density of 10 million meters per linear square meter. They give the surface an all-weather resistance to the most intensive use.

Optimal energy restitution

The mechanical interaction of microfibers and the other components of the AirFibr rootzone is divided into two steps. First, the cork is compressed for an optimal shock absorption. Then, the system is blocked by the microfibers for an optimal energy restitution.

Perfect homogeneity

Intertwined in the sand porosity, the microfibers are not subject to traditional separations of materials.


Extra-fine silica sand

Sable fin extra siliceux

Never muddy

No clay and no fine particles so that the playing surface is never muddy. AirFibr also prevents earthworm castings which are particularly detrimental to high level sport practice.

Strong permeability

Thanks to its exceptional resistance to compaction, the AirFibr rootzone offers a strong permeability on the long term enables optimal gas exchange.

Optimal water management

The high capillary properties of the sand result in a substrate with a large water storage capacity that is useful for the vegetation and that offers a strong resistance to drought.